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Getting a good safe

Getting a good safe Safety is not normally people have in mind once they are inside their homes enjoying their quiet evenings. However, even counting on the protection of a good front door lock there are vital things that always need an extra layer of protection. Safes are the best solution for that extra precaution you are looking for. We know that when it comes to certain items, such as files, documents, contracts, insurance, tributary documents, jewelry and even guns, certain safety measures have to be taken into account. Each of those objects also present different challenges when it comes to finding the perfect place for them. Most people might believe that the vault of a bank is a good option for a place destined to hold your most valued possessions. But this limits your ability to have them at hand the moment you need them. If you keep them Read More…


EVVA The New Generation of Locks has arrived We need to have a strong first line of protection when it comes to our place of residence. This is the role of a good front door. However, most of the time they come with a generic cylinder lock that only offers a limited protection or merely keeps unwanted visitors at bay. This is not to say that these locks are bad, but they have an inherent fault. They are so common that even the least proficient burglar knows how to open them.  There are websites that offer bumping kit online for as low as 20$, so anyone with spare change and access to internet can get one and start fiddling with locks in a matter of minutes. These techniques are non-destructive so you never know when someone has applied it to you locks. Most break-in cases are associated to these easy-to-learn Read More…

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