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The New Generation of Locks has arrived

We need to have a strong first line of protection when it comes to our place of residence. This is the role of a good front door. However, most of the time they come with a generic cylinder lock that only offers a limited protection or merely keeps unwanted visitors at bay. This is not to say that these locks are bad, but they have an inherent fault. They are so common that even the least proficient burglar knows how to open them.  There are websites that offer bumping kit online for as low as 20$, so anyone with spare change and access to internet can get one and start fiddling with locks in a matter of minutes. These techniques are non-destructive so you never know when someone has applied it to you locks. Most break-in cases are associated to these easy-to-learn techniques. You can even learn how to do it with very detailed instructions from Youtube. It is actually very easy to get a bumping key and bump open any common lock.

Of course, there are more advanced locks out there in the market that offer an extra protection but they are either too expensive or too bulky for a beautiful front door, and they would only delay experienced burglars that rely on mechanical methods to open doors.

Luckily, burglars are not the only ones working on developing new techniques. Here at Locksmith Mesa AZ feel that you must be aware of all the possibilities the locksmithing industry has to offer for your protection. We just got the highly innovative locks brought by EVVA, which features the safe MCS technology. The cylinder inside this lock is nothing like conventional mechanical cylinders. If one were to open one of these locks, one can find tiny magnetized pills that rotate independently when exposed to magnetic fields. The keys have three or four of these pills fixed to the sides. When they enter the lock, the internal pills rotate to previously assigned positions that unlock the system. This means the cylinder has no pins or springs, so most of the lock-picking or bumping techniques are useless against it, making your home safer against professional burglars. Moreover, your locks can be rekeyed without a problem by changing the positions of the rotors both on the key and the lock itself.

Visit our store or follow the links to find out more about this wonderful technology and other security solutions that might suit your needs. You can also ask our experts on the phone or through our live chat and ask about other amazing locks that could help you feel safer and keep unwanted visitors at bay.

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